Tempered Glass Windows and Doors

Stop Smash and Grab

Protect your commercial property with Enviroblind's tempered glass system. It fits over existing windows and doors to create a strong barrier against break-ins and other threats without affecting the appearance of your property.

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What is DefenseLite?

Outsmart smash-and-grab thieves and vandals with DefenseLite's impenetrable armor.

Protect your business with DefenseLite's retrofit smash-and-grab window protection system. Our innovative solution is designed to keep criminals and vandals at bay, providing a reliable face shield for your storefront. Our smash-proof polycarbonate panels (tempered glass) create a barrier that deters smash-and-grab attacks, protecting your original glass and keeping your store secure.

With DefenseLite, you can be prepared for any trouble that may arise. Our anti-smash and grab window protection is built to withstand impacts from thrown and blunt objects, safeguarding your inventory from vandals and looters. Plus, you can protect your business without the hassle of replacing panels after every incident.

DefenseLite Tempered Glass VS. Anti-Theft Glass

DefenseLite is an advanced solution that integrates cutting-edge technology and appealing design to create a formidable barrier against forced entry attempts. Unlike traditional laminated anti-theft glass, DefenseLite utilizes polycarbonate, which boasts exceptional impact absorption and is 250 times stronger than standard glass. This remarkable strength makes it a resilient and cost-effective option for safeguarding against theft and intrusion.

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DefenseLite Installed in front of window at a retail store.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does DefenseLite Cost?

The cost of DefenseLite is determined by various factors such as the current state of your glazing, your performance needs, the design of the system, and the overall scope of your project.

How does DefenseLite compare to other solutions?

DefenseLite is a powerful solution for keeping intruders out. This innovative product offers a clear and unobtrusive appearance, much like security window films, but it's far more effective than roll-down grills and gates when under attack. Unlike pricey laminated glass, DefenseLite won't shatter, and if it does get damaged during a severe break-in attempt, it can be swiftly replaced.

Why is DefenseLite a better security solution for windows and doors compared to other options?

DefenseLite rises above its competitors with top-notch components, cutting-edge mechanical and thermal engineering, and a patented flexible and vented overglaze system. Its exceptional resilience makes it a formidable defense against strong attacks.

Why is it important to have a 'flexible' system for maximum protection against forced entry?

Check out the DefenseLite system! It's built to withstand strong attacks by flexing and absorbing impact, distributing energy evenly. This innovative design outperforms rigid systems by absorbing impact without breaking, tearing, or detaching. Instead of simply blocking intruders, it frustrates and deters them from targeting your property.