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Do you have a room or patio that’s too hot or bright during the day? Then Enviroscreen retractable solar screens are the answer for you!

Like sunglasses for your home, Enviroscreen motorized sun screens provide superior sun protection—preventing the sun's UV damage, optimizing comfort and privacy—without obstructing your view.

Exterior retractable shade screens aren't just for patios! They also make a great alternative for garages, spa enclosures or will allow you to even create a beautiful sun screen room! We also have commercial exterior solar shades for businesses.

Retractable Patio Sun Shade Screens from Enviroblind
have the following features and benefits:

Shade annoying sun glare

Patio sun screens shade annoying sun glare, allowing you, your family and guests to enjoy your open spaces and view.

Complete privacy

Complete daytime privacy. When deployed, automatic patio sun screens make it much more difficult for others to see inside.

Easy to clean

Retractable outdoor solar screen shades are easy to clean! Simply hose them off when the shade screens get dirty or dusty.

Allow you to often keep windows and doors open during the day

Motorized outdoor solar shades allow you to often keep windows and doors open during the day, allowing natural breeze ventilation when before it was too hot and you were forced to keep doors and windows closed and run the A/C.

Block sun's ultraviolet (UV) light

Patio exterior solar screen shades block a large amount of the sun's ultraviolet (UV) light wavelengths. UV light causes fading of furniture, carpets and other houshold items, and contributes to eye and skin damage.

Block excessive heat

The patio retractable solar shade screens effectively block uncomfortable excessive heat.

Save you money

Enviroscreen motorized solar shade screens save you money! They reduce energy consumption by reducing the amount of heat energy that enters the home, reducing the need to run the air conditioning and fans.

Block insects

Patio sun screens block insects while still allowing you to enjoy the outdoor experience.

Why do Patio Sun Screens work so well?

Since our exterior motorized solar shades are mounted on the outside of your home, the powerful solar energy doesn’t have an opportunity to even reach your windows, making them many times more efficient and effective than other interior window treatments. These outdoor sun shade screens are much more effective than low-e glass.

Enviroblind roll-up solar shades and exterior solar screens may be deployed manually with a simple detachable crank system or you can experience motorized convenience via our optional switches or remote controls. The outdoor motorized solar shades can be set in any up or down position so you can select the amount of heat and light you want to let in. Timers and sun sensors are also available for the greatest hands-off automatic convenience. If you have multiple patio sun screens covering several doors and windows, the system can be integrated so one switch will control all of them for maximum convenience.

Customized Appearance

Our patio shade screens are available in several different weave densities so our customers have complete control over the amount of daylight that gets transmitted through. Similarly, the motorized exterior sun shade screens are also available in many different colors and the frames are available in different standard colors as well. Our factory colors will be compatible with most home color schemes. However, if you’d like your exterior retractable shades to be an exact match to your home decor, we can also custom-match the frames to match the exact color scheme of your home if you desire.

When not in use, the exterior solar shades retract into a small, unobtrusive panel box to protect the rolled-up screen. Enviroblind patio solar screens are there when you need them and disappear when you don’t.

The Highest Quality Motorized Screens Available

Enviroscreen retractable sun screens for patios are designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards and are built with tough aluminum and stainless steel components that will stand the test of time. The screen edge retention system keeps the screen edges firmly in place so the outside patio solar shades always deploy taut and maintain their reliability and beauty.

Create your own cool, comfortable, private oasis…with Enviroscreen Retractable Sun Shade Screens. Please call us, or click the button below anytime for a FREE no-obligation estimate on our outdoor solar shades at your home or business.

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