Fire Shutters For Windows?
Fire Protection

Let's explore the subject of home fire protection for windows a bit deeper. Obviously, the threat of a house fire is a terrifying prospect: Your neighborhood may be close to the mountains or a forest and fires can occasionally burn and threaten nearby communities. Or you have a cabin where fires are a constant threat and the brush is increasingly dry. Or perhaps an earthquake causes a natural gas pipeline leak that threatens an entire neighborhood with rapidly-spreading fire.

Although, of course, no storm shutter system or cabin security shutters can offer complete protection from such threats, Fire shutters for windows could be your solution. Enviroblind rolling exterior window shutters for houses offer a significant level of protection against these fire situations.

How is this possible?

Heat Radiation. It's a well-documented fact that fires can jump from one location to another without actually having any flames touch. This phenomenon is called "flashover". The heat from the fire is spread outward by wind and radiation. Also, burning embers can be created in a large fire, and these can be carried long distances.

What this means is that if there's a fire raging outside, whether it be a spreading forest fire or a neighbor's house, even if the flames are quite some distance away (this distance varies significantly) a fire can ignite inside your house. Even if the window is closed. Even if you've done everything correctly.

The radiative heat can heat the windows of the house and the contents inside enough so that they reach their combustion temperature and ignite. This can happen with drapes and other objects inside the house, and even the construction of the house itself. Also, burning, flying embers and other debris can easily break windows, or the glass can simply crack from the heat, opening the inside of your home to the intense winds and high temperatures, creating a spot fire and greatly increasing the likelihood that it will burn. Those intense winds can drive the flames throughout a house within minutes.

Have you ever driven through a neighborhood that’s been through a fire? If you’re in Southern California there’s a good chance you have. You may have noticed that the pattern of destruction can be somewhat random, with some homes destroyed, a few more almost unscathed, and then a few more a block away that are destroyed.

Increase your odds with Enviroblind Rolling Shutters.

First, let’s be absolutely clear: Enviroblind exterior roller shutters cannot overcome the laws of physics and cannot protect your home or business in every fire situation. Fires can be extremely destructive and if the fire is bad enough there is probably nothing that can be done to completely prevent the destruction. Also, please note that Enviroblind house window shutters are not fire-rated shutters and are not designed for locations that require a certified fire door in a fire wall. If you have such a specific need for fire shutters for doors, there are other home fire shutters for windows on the market that are specifically suited for your tough application.

But Enviroblind rolling exterior window shutters will make a huge difference.

Let’s say it’s 8:00am on a Saturday morning and you wake up to sirens and smoke, with police patrol cars announcing to evacuate the neighborhood immediately. What do you do? Grab your essentials, make sure your loved ones are ready, take care of the animals, and get ready to get out there. One last important thing: push the button and drop your Enviroblind roll-down shutters into place!

The exterior rolling shutters will provide significant home fire protection for several reasons:

  • Rolling fire shutters for windows are a physical barrier that will prevent a hot fire’s heat radiation and convection from entering the home and igniting objects.
  • The physical barrier presented by the security shutters will also prevent any flying debris from breaking your windows or doors.
  • The structure of the shutter will hold together in all but the most extreme of fire situations.

If your home or business is in an area that is at high risk of fire, consider the benefits of Enviroblind rolling exterior fire shutters to give you an extra tough level of protection!

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