Enviroblind Rolling Shutters.

Q. Can Enviroblind Rolling Security Shutters protect my home from burglars?

A. Absolutely! Enviroblind Exterior Security Shutters are engineered to prevent forced entry, vandalism and break-ins. They are an excellent crime deterrent, as most criminals and opportunists will bypass a home with security shutters installed and simply move on to an easier target.

Q. What about my business? Will Enviroblind Security Shutters protect it too?

A. Yes. Installing Exterior Electric Security Shutters are a cost-effective way to provide security and protect exposed glass from vandalism and break-ins. Unlike security bars, our Security Shutters are retractable to provide security when you need it most, and virtually disappear into the panel box during operating hours so the attractiveness of your business is maintained. During business or school hours the shutters can be fully retracted while after hours the security shutters can be fully deployed. The exterior electric rolling shutters can be set to deploy automatically with timers, via wall switch, remote control or smartphone/tablet integration. 

Q. Are Outdoor Rolling Shutters effective for school security?

A. Yes! Enviroblind Exterior Rolling Shutters are retractable and preserve staff and student morale by not making schools look like a prison. During school hours the shutters can be fully retracted while after-hours the security shutters can be fully deployed.

Q. What are Security Shutters made of?

A. Enviroblind Window Security Shutters are made of roll-formed aluminum with a polyurethane or hard resin core, or extruded aluminum. The right aluminum rolling shutters for your property depends on your requirements. Please call us at the number above and one of our experts can help you choose the type of aluminum security shutters that best fit your needs at no charge and with no obligation. 

Q. Are Enviroblind Exterior Rolling Shutters energy efficient?

A. Definitely! Testing has proven that our Rolling Window Shutters provide excellent insulation from heat and cold and can significantly improve the R-value of your windows. Think of parking your car inside the garage on a hot day. The car stays MUCH cooler, right? Far cooler than it would if you just used sunshades on your windshield. That's the same effect that Enviroblind rolling exterior shutters provide.

Outdoor Roll Shutters are very efficient because the heat energy never even touches the windows. The rolling shutters also create an air space between the shutters and the window, and this air space serves as an additional energy barrier. This system produces a strong insulating effect that greatly improves the "R" value of your windows and doors over 50%.

Independent tests have proven that Enviroblind Rolling Security Shutters reduce energy loss through unprotected glass in windows and doors. In fact, when the rolling shutters are closed they can increase the insulation value of glass in windows and doors from R 2.1 to R 4.5. Translate this R 2.4 increase in insulation efficiency into energy and financial savings, and it becomes clear why more and more homes, businesses and schools are including Exterior Roll Down Shutters in their energy savings plans.

Q. Will Rolling Shutters prevent outside noise?

A. Yes. Enviroblind Exterior Security Shutters roll down over your windows to provide an effective barrier against noise. Nothing can completely remove all noise, but the roll down security shutters will greatly reduce it. This makes them ideal for shift workers, children, migraine headache sufferers or daytime sleepers that require a quiet environment. Our window security shutters and rolling shutter doors also resist making "clattering" noises during stormy and windy conditions, preserving your peace of mind and sanity during bad weather.

Q. Can Roll-Down Shutters provide complete darkness in my room?

A. Yes. When closed, Enviroblind Exterior Roll Down Shutters provide complete blackout conditions, making them ideal for home theatre rooms or for people who like a completely dark environment for sleeping. Our shutters are far superior to standard horizontal or vertical interior blinds. These allow quite a bit of light to enter around the edges that the blinds don't cover. Enviroblind Rolling Shutters provide complete blackout conditions.

Q. How large can Rolling Shutters be made?

A. All of our Exterior Rolling Shutters are custom-made to each window and door of your home. The size of the Rolling Shutter depends on the application and your required solution. Typically we can do shutter installations as wide as 19 feet.

Q. How are Outdoor Security Shutters operated?

A. Enviroblind Outdoor Security Shutters can be operated either manually with an easy-to-use crank system, or with automatic motorized convenience. Simply press a button on the optional remote control or flip an electric switch and the security shutters will raise or lower within a few seconds. We also offer home automation integration so the Rolling Shutters can be controlled with a tablet or smartphone.

Q. Can Exterior Rolling Shutters protect windows from storms?

A. Definitely! Enviroblind Rolling Shutters are known in many parts of the world as "storm shutters" or roll down "hurricane shutters". Our storm shutters are designed to effectively protect windows from wind and rain damage and from flying debris during storms! Please view our Rolling Shutter videos for some footage of lab testing our roll down storm shutters with storm debris impact conditions. Our storm shutters and fire shutters for windows will really increase your peace of mind during bad weather. 

Q. How do I operate the Rolling Shutters if there is a power failure?

A. We offer manual override motors with battery backups that offer easy operation in the event of a power outage. We also have manual hand crank systems available that will open one of the shutter panels with a few seconds of cranking.

Q. How can I protect my home or business without making it look "institutional"?

A. Enviroblind Exterior Security Shutters can be custom-painted to harmonize with your premises, and for business customers we have the capability to custom decal your rollshutters with photo-quality images to promote your corporate image and create a unique and attractive advertising opportunity.

Q. Is graffiti difficult to remove from Rolling Shutters?

A. Graffitti is major problem in many areas. Our Exterior Roll-Down Shutters are easier to clean than many other surfaces. If attacked, graffiti can usually be removed using a detergent with a mild abrasive within 48 hours.

Q. Can Security Shutters be used inside my business to protect expensive inventory?

A. Yes! Rolling Security Shutters may also be used in the interior of your facility to create a secure area. We also offer security cabinets secured with interior rolling shutters to secure small and valuable items such as electronics, liquor, cigarettes, files and jewelry. If you'd like to know what rolling shutters cost, click to get a quote for a more accurate exterior rolling shutter price. Please call us at the number above for more information on interior security shutters.