Do-It-Yourself Shutters

Are you outside of our service area and still want our products? We can still help! Since 1977, Enviroblind has upgraded properties with the increased security and many other benefits of rolling shutters and retractable screens. Check out the information on this page to see how you can install rolling security shutters yourself.

Install Enviroblind shutters yourself

Things to Consider

There are some questions we’ll need you to answer so we can configure and fabricate our products to properly meet your needs. We’ll be happy to discuss these items with you to help you make the best decisions.

  • What is the main concern or problem you’re trying to solve? Security, privacy, light blocking, storm protection, etc.
  • Will the shutter boxes be built in to the structure? If so, you will need to ensure there is access to the shutter box.
  • Does the property experience high winds?
  • Do the shutters need emergency egress?
  • Will they be exposed to ocean air?
  • How will the shutters be operated?
  • Do -It-Yourself Security Shutter Installation

    Installing our shutters is as easy as following a few steps.

  • Evaluate the 'things to consider' above so we can build the shutters to match your requirements.
  • Measure.You'll have to measure your opening precisely. Please note you'll have to measure the exact size that you want to cover with the shutter and tracks, not just the size of the window itself.
  • Fill out our 'cut sheet' which has detailed questions such as number of shutters desired, dimensions of each shutter, slat color choices, will the shutters be mounted on windows or doors, etc.
  • Job Summary. To begin fabrication of your roll-down shutter project, we will need your signed estimate, your payment and the signed cut sheet.
  • Fabrication. We will custom-build your rolling shutter order at our facility in Upland, California
  • Shipping. We carefully pack your shutter order and arrange for delivery. In a few days you'll have your order and they will be ready to install.

  • We're here to help if you have any questions or problems!

    DIY Shutters by Enviroblind

    Installing security shutters DIY style will not only improve the security of your home and or business, it will also lead to lower energy bills and noise pollution reduction.

    Shutters DIY Improved Security

    One of the most important security measures you can take, is to cover your windows and doors with shutters. An effective option for this added layer of protection is to use the Enviroblind security shutter DIY kit. Harmful sun, rain and wind batter your property all year weakening and eating away at your windows and doors. Having the ability to shut your security shutters may just the thing you need.

    Lower Energy Costs with Shutters DIY

    Exterior shutters have been proven to decrease both heat loss and heat gain. This makes exterior security shutters an excellent way to reduce energy consumption. This decrease is ,in part, due to the insulating air gap formed between the shutter and the window or door. Our external security blinds are also made of thick durable materials that even further block out heat and cold. This can cut your energy costs significantly.

    No more noise pollution!

    Noise pollution, especially in urban environments, is an ever growing problem. Anything that helps to lower this outside pollution is a welcomed treat. Enviroblind security shutters will help reduce this ever present nuisance for you. A distracted employee, much like a distracted teenager, will quickly become unproductive. Reducing this noise means that your employees, or children can concentrate on their tasks without being distracted. This will lead to an increase in output and hopefully profits while lowering the bottom line.