Benefits of Installing Rolling Shutters on a Second Home

Benefits of Installing Rolling Shutters on a Second Home

For those who have second homes or short-term rental properties, the addition of exterior rolling shutters can add to the value and security of your property.

Roll-down shutters have many benefits for any home. They are often used to protect the property from environmental concerns, including protection from rain and water intrusion, especially rain being blown in joints and cracks in windows, sliding doors, and French-style doors. French doors are notoriously leaky, especially where the two doors meet in the middle.

Rolling shutters will also help keep your cooling and heating costs down. With their insulated slats, it will cost you less to heat and cool your house. And by keeping the sun out, they will keep the house from heating up in the morning. They also excel at noise and light reduction. Imagine perfect sleeping conditions at the touch of a button.

For homes that are often unoccupied, the benefits are actually magnified.

The environmental benefits include a decreased level of dust and dirt blown in and migrating in through gaps under doors and cracks and gaps in windows and walls. They will also lessen the effects of damaging UV rays on your furniture and the floors of your home. There will be less fading and dry rot when your interior items are protected from the direct force of the sun.

Our customers in snow country no longer have to put up plywood every winter and remove it every spring. It’s just a matter of pushing a button or turning a handle to drop your shutters down to protect your cabin from the cold environment.

The other huge benefit of rolling shutters in second homes and vacation homes is the added security they provide. First and foremost, they are an excellent visual deterrent for both human and animal intruders.

Break-ins, unless targeted, are usually crimes of opportunity. When confronted with the visual deterrent of security shutters, which most people are unfamiliar with, most burglars will bypass the home to hit one that will present less of a challenge.

For vacation homes and cabins located in areas where wildlife is present, our animal friends will usually be deterred because of the barriers over the windows and doors. We have had cases where bears have turned away when they encounter the rolling shutters.

Security shutters are a very effective and cost-effective way to add value to your property and protect your investment. Enhance your peace of mind with rolling security shutters today!