Enviroblind Do-It-Yourself Security Shutter Installation

Thank you for considering Enviroblind for your property! 

Since 1977, Enviroblind has upgraded properties with the increased security and many other benefits of rolling shutters and retractable screens.

Are you outside of our service area and still want our products? We can still help! Watch this video for some information on what to expect. You can do this!

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Enviroblind Security Shutter DIY

This is what this video will cover:

1. Things to consider
2. Measuring
3. Cut sheet
4. Job summary
5. Fabrication
6. Shipping

1. Things to consider

We’ll need you to answer some questions so we can configure and fabricate our products to meet your needs properly. We’ll be happy to discuss these items with you to help you make the best decisions.

Questions Include:

2. Measuring

You have to let us know whether the shutter will be limited by exterior dimensions or ifyou need to completely cover your opening. Please note that you have to measure the entire opening size, i.e. the entire area that the shutter will cover, not just the window size.

3. Fill out our ‘Cut Sheet’

You will have to fill out our cut sheet, which has more detailed questions such as:

4. Job summary

To begin fabrication, we will need:

5. Fabrication

We will begin the custom fabrication process. We do this all in-house at our facility in Upland, California.

6. Shipping

The final step is for us to ship your shutters. We carefully pack your shutter order and coordinate shipping. Within a few days you’ll have your order and you’ll be ready to install them. We’ll be there to help you if you have any troubles.

Thank you for considering Enviroblind. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us anytime!