Enviroblind Shutters Provide Peace of Mind

Your Company from the Receptionist, Lisa, through Joey, Nate and Kenny the Installation Men, has been nothing short of perfect.
Enviroblinds have made such a difference in my peace of mind. An old lady, living alone, with no neighbors and in a remote area, I can now stay up in the evenings after dark, reading, watching t.v., working on the computer, knitting and spending time with my dog and friends in the Den, and no longer feel as though I am living in a fishbowl with all the windows and glass French Doors making it accessible to the dark forest.
Enviroblinds are everything Eric said they would be.....Laughingly, saying, I actually could be your spokeswoman as I just love them. Two of our friends have taken Artie Frish' number to have him come out and get prices for their cabins.
Thank you again for your Honest Company and it's employees, wherein everyone is efficient at their jobs, along with being courteous, kind, punctual and knowledgeable, (something that you rarely see these days).
I just want you to know, I could not be more pleased.

Sandi Wilkes