What to Expect When Buying Enviroblind Security Shutters

What to Expect When Buying Enviroblind Security Shutters

Thank you for considering Enviroblind for your property!

Since 1977, Enviroblind has upgraded properties with the increased security and many other benefits of rolling shutters and retractable screens! This video shows what to expect when partnering with us to upgrade your property with rolling security shutters.

The Process of Ordering Enviroblind Security Shutters in Detail

Here is some information about what you should expect in your Enviroblind security shutter installation. The process is as follows:

1. Things to consider

Before you decide on Enviroblind shutters, there are a few things you will need to consider. Here are a few examples:

Would you prefer manual operation of your shutters or would you like them to be operated with a wall switch or even integrated into your smart home system?

The shutters are available in several different colors to match your decor and style. Which color fits best with your home?

What level of security are you considering. We have security options ranging from low to high. Review the “things to consider” and answer a few questions to determine the best solutions for the project.

Does your location experience high winds?

Do you need emergency egress?

2. Sales rep visit and needs assessment

One of our experienced sales representatives will visit your property and meet with you to assist you in finding the right product to meet your requirements. We will visit you at a time that’s convenient for you and there is never any obligation to purchase from us.

3. Fill out the paperwork and complete the contract

Your sales representative will assist you with making decisions in the ordering process, including which doors and windows to protect, color choices, locations of mounting points, etc. We will use this to build your shutters to your exact specifications. Once you have made your decisions, your Enviroblind representative will prepare the sales contract for you.

Review your contract thoroughly to make sure everything is correct. To begin fabrication of your shutter order, we will need your signed contract and deposit. Once the payment details have been arranged, your order will move forward in our system.

4. Check measure

A few days after you sign the contract, one of our technicians will visit your property and do a check measure to make sure that all the dimensions and requirements of your job are being met.

5. Fabrication

We will begin the custom fabrication process. We do this all in-house at our facility in Upland, California.

6. Installation

The final step is for us to install your shutters. On the prearranged day. We will arrive at your property install your shutters. Most of our jobs are done within one day. We will leave your property clean and tidy when we are done, and the installers will show you the process of how to use your new Enviroblind rolling shutters.