Comparison of Enviroblind Solar Shades: Cable-Guided vs. Zippers

Comparison of Enviroblind Solar Shades: Cable-Guided vs. Zippers

When it comes to protecting your home from the elements, Enviroblind offers two cutting-edge options that go beyond traditional exterior window shades: Cable-Guided Shades and Zipper Shades. Let’s explore how these advanced systems can transform your living space.

Cable-Guided Shades: Versatile Protection

Our cable-guided shades are the perfect blend of functionality and style. These outdoor roller shades excel at reducing heat gain, making them an ideal choice for energy-conscious homeowners. The cable guide system ensures a flush fit as the shade descends, while an aluminum bar at the bottom provides proper weight distribution.

Key Features:

  • Effective in winds up to 20 mph
  • Available as manual or automatic screens
  • Doubles as a retractable sun screen
  • Ideal for windows, patios, and even skylight shades

For optimal protection during high winds, we recommend raising these shades when gusts exceed 20 mph.

Zipper Shades: Ultimate Wind Resistance

For those seeking maximum protection, our zipper shades are the go-to solution. These heavy-duty exterior retractable shades are built to withstand winds up to 55 mph, making them perfect for areas prone to strong breezes or storms.

Key Features:

  • Wind-resistant up to 55 mph
  • Available only as motorized, automatic screens
  • Superior sealing for enclosed outdoor spaces
  • Ideal as hurricane screens or security shades

The unique zipper design allows the fabric to tuck into the rail, creating an exceptional seal. This feature effectively transforms your outdoor area into a comfortable, protected living space.

Whether you’re looking for roller shades to beat the heat or hurricane screens to weather the storm, Enviroblind has the perfect solution for your home. Our range of products, from versatile cable-guided systems to robust zipper shades, ensures that you’ll find the ideal balance of protection, style, and functionality.

Ready to elevate your home’s comfort and security? Contact us today to explore how our innovative shade solutions can enhance your living space!