Retractable Awnings

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The Triumph is our most heavy duty retractable awning model for larger residential or commercial spaces.. Designed for strength and maintenance-free operation, this system offers the most outstanding high quality components available in the industry. The Triumph is our largest awning making it the most practical when larger projections are needed.

Awnings from Enviroblind
have the following features and benefits:

Shade annoying sun glare

Awnings shade annoying sun glare, allowing you, your family and guests to enjoy your open spaces and view.

Complete privacy

Complete daytime privacy. awnings make it much more difficult for others to see inside.

Easy to clean

Awnings are easy to clean! Simply hose them off when the awning get dirty or dusty.

Allow you to often keep windows and doors open during the day

Motorized outdoor solar shades allow you to often keep windows and doors open during the day, allowing natural breeze ventilation when before it was too hot and you were forced to keep doors and windows closed and run the A/C.

Block sun's ultraviolet (UV) light

Patio exterior solar screen shades block a large amount of the sun's ultraviolet (UV) light wavelengths. UV light causes fading of furniture, carpets and other houshold items, and contributes to eye and skin damage.

Block excessive heat

The patio retractable solar shade screens effectively block uncomfortable excessive heat.

Saves you money

Enviroscreen motorized solar shade screens save you money! They reduce energy consumption by reducing the amount of heat energy that enters the home, reducing the need to run the air conditioning and fans.

Keeps bugs out

Patio sun screens block insects while still allowing you to enjoy the outdoor experience.

Elite Plus

Our Elite Plus has an optional pitch adjustment awning that allows you to fine tune the late day sun glare for optimal protection. The optional “R-Pitch” adjustable shoulder with its patented swivel wrist allows you to drop each corner independently with a simple eyelet and manual hand crank system. The perfect awning that allows you to adapt to the sun’s direction. Don’t hide from the sun adapt to it.


Technical details

Qubica Flat

KE’s newest retractable awning is designed in Italy with an extra special touch of style and luxury.
Qubica (pronounced koo-bee-ka) retractable awning combines the very best of functionality and style. With it’s two-tone cassette, Qubica is created to perfectly match your personal style and decor.
Hardware and fasteners are hidden from view, creating an elegant look. LED lighting is integrated into the retractable arms to help create a warm, inviting outdoor space for family, friends or just for you.


The Domina is a modern lightweight full cassette retractable awning that mounts easily on a wall or soffit combining classical design with advanced technology. Easy to install, easy to adjust pitch, beautiful and sleek. All awnings are custom manufactured to meet your exacting requirements.

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