Comparison of Enviroblind Solar Shades:
Cable-Guided vs. Zipper Shades

In this video, Lou briefly introduces us to the types of solar shades we have available.

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Cable-Guided Shades

One one hand, you can choose a cable-guided system, which is great for reducing the heat that will come into your home. The cable guide keeps the shade flush as it drops down. It has an aluminum bar at the bottom of the shade that keeps the shade properly weighted. This system works effectively in winds up to 20 mph. Beyond that, it’s recommended that you raise the shades to prevent damage. These solar shades are available in manual or motorized 

Zipper Shades

These deluxe, heavy-duty shades can handle winds of up to 55 mph. These solar shades are only available in motorized configurations.  The fabric tucks into the rail, so when deployed it creates a better seal, turning your enclosed outdoor space into a separate living room.


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